Sustainability Key Performance Indicator 



AB7 America, has a full range of natural based repellent & care products for pets. We value the safety of our extended family, the preservation of the environment and improving sustainability in our manufacturing processes.  


AB7 America is enthusiastically engaged in identifying, tracking, and improving how our business impacts these arenas. We believe this is good for business, and we believe this is good for our employees and the community at large. Most importantly, we believe it is our responsibility. We aim to continue to develop and advance our efforts in sustainability and integrate life cycle impact considerations in all processes and decision-making along the value chain. 


As a result of these principles, we aspire to achieve zero workplace safety, health, or environmental incidents by embracing diversity, equality, integrity alongside fostering employee engagement and empowerment at all levels.  


To achieve these aspirations AB7 America, has established Sustainability KPIs, to measure our progress in the following areas, that we consider are crucial to achieving our sustainability targets and identifying where we can improve our efforts:  


  1. National Shipments

  2. International Shipments

  3. Energy consumption

  4. CO2  emissions

  5. Water consumption


Note: The results of these indicators are offered upon request.


If you are interested in the results of some metrics, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Act Responsibly, Think Sustainably.